Crossover Design Center


Although a great deal of our work is with digital filters and processors there continues to be a high demand for passive crossovers. We have built many in the last several months using design, solder, board, and test methods. It has been cumbersome. Especially when we wanted to AB test a couple of component changes or completely different schematic approaches.


Antone Bajor, JSX design engineer has commented on it's convenience and has given it the maiden voyage. We've been able to move quickly through crossover design choices and listen to the results easily.


The Crossover Design Center is outfitted with over a 160 of the components and values we would generally use in a design. The patches and switches allow us to quickly measure and listen to design approaches.


At JSX audio the sound measuring equipment, microphones, and source material are coupled with the system for a complete speaker design environment.

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